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Using Oracle with Ruby on Rails


If you want to use the Ruby Oracle OCI driver with Ruby on Rails, you might run into problems with the configuration. In the database.yml file, the following should be used to specify the host : host: localhost/mydatabase The mydatabase part is the the name of your database. For the adapter ‘oci’ should be specified. The database, username and password fields should be filled in as usual. Thanks to Duane’s Brain for pointing that out.

Little Ruby script for generating passwords


Ruby is a scripting language, in the same league as Perl and Python. It is fully object-oriented, and comes batteries includes like Python, which means it comes with a full library installed by default. It is receiving a lot of attention these days due to the Ruby on Rails web application framework, which is indeed a very capable and surprisingly easy to use framework (probably more on this in a later article).

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